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Bedoukian Research and Inscripta to develop and commercialise precision fermentation products

Bedoukian Research (BRI), a global supplier of flavour and fragrance ingredients and agricultural products, and genome engineering company Inscripta have announced a new partnership to develop and commercialise multiple precision fermentation products.

The partnership aims to deliver naturally produced products with superior quality and consistency while reducing the environmental footprint associated with traditional chemical manufacturing processes, providing affordable, sustainable and safe solutions.

Inscripta's GenoScaler is a novel ultra-high-throughput, CRISPR-enabled strain engineering platform designed to rapidly optimise microbial strains with significantly improved traits and productivities. CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes by precisely cutting DNA and then letting natural DNA repair processes take over.

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Inscripta will employ GenoScaler to efficiently develop high-yield strains to manufacture and provide BRI with sustainable ingredients.

BRI has identified multiple large product solutions, which are currently unavailable for large-scale deployment. R&D teams at Inscripta are developing sustainable biomanufacturing processes through accelerated strain engineering and process development for these ingredients. Inscripta plans to manufacture and supply the ingredients for BRI to provide consumers with effective, pure, affordable products that are often inaccessible through chemical processes, addressing trending consumer demands.

Richard Fox, Inscripta’s chief scientist, said: "Inscripta's GenoScaler is a complete, end-to-end microbial manufacturing platform that combines recent disruptive developments in Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs of CRISPR and directed evolution. Our goal at Inscripta is to enable large-scale access to the bioeconomy by radically accelerating the development process and reducing the risk and complexity of biomanufacturing. Through advanced technology, strategy, and processes, we are creating sustainable solutions with long-term partners like BRI."

Robert Bedoukian, president of BRI, added: "Biomanufacturing is key to Bedoukian's future as it will allow us to produce the ingredients in the volume our customers need while manufacturing our products in an environmentally sustainable way. We are excited to work more closely with Inscripta to utilise their proprietary biomanufacturing technology fully for use in the commercial-scale production of our high-quality products."


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