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Ayana Bio and Robertet unveil functional gummies

Plant cell technology company and producer of sustainable bioactives for consumer products, Ayana Bio, has unveiled functional gummies made with plant cell cultivation technology, in partnership with Robertet.

The two companies joined forces to create new product prototypes featuring Plant Cell Advantage (PCA) lemon balm and echinacea-purpurea, which were showcased in May at the Global Synthetic Biology Conference, SynBioBeta, in Oakland, California.

The functional gummies were developed using ingredients derived from cultivated plant cells, guaranteeing that they are free from contaminants, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals, while also ensuring that they are fully traceable.

Ayana Bio showcased the versatility of PCA ingredients with two prototypes: blueberry acai gummy infused with Lemon Balm PCA for stress relief, and tarocco blood orange gummy enhanced with Echinacea-p PCA for immune support.

Frank Jaksch, Ayana Bio’s CEO, said: “These delectable gummies demonstrate how effortlessly product developers can create offerings that consumers will love which incorporate Ayana plant cell ingredients. Our Plant Cell Advantage ingredients empower the industry with clean-label, sustainable options that are DNA-fingerprint certified, free from adulteration, contamination, pesticide residue and the inconsistent quality caused by agricultural and climate variation.”

He continued: “We welcome collaboration with CPG companies to address the challenges they face in sourcing high-quality botanical ingredients and to develop solutions that meet future market demand."

Effendi Leonard, cofounder and CTO of Ayana Bio, added: "We are thrilled to showcase our first two PCA ingredients at SynBioBeta, allowing visitors to experience our innovative plant cell cultivation technology first-hand. By leveraging our advanced multi-omics and rich collection of cell lines, Ayana Bio has the capability to develop a variety of botanicals while streamlining the manufacturing process and improving cell line productivity."

The gummy concept follows Ayana Bio's launch of plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea ingredients, first announced in April.

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