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Arkeon opens pilot facility for CO2 proteins

Arkeon, a biotech start-up converting CO2 into functional protein ingredients, has built a new pilot production plant in Vienna, Austria.

Located in Vienna’s Seestadt Innovation Hub, the facility supports the development of Arkeon’s production process and expands its infrastructure with a 150-litre bioreactor system. Arkeon says that the system will improve its process and lays a biotechnological foundation for future large-scale production.

Arkeon employees at site

The plant was built in partnership with Steamtec, Böhm Stadtbaumeister & Gebäudetechnik, Kanzler-Dach, Bioengineering, RW Serviceteam and others.

Arkeon said that it has also commissioned a demo facility with a 3000-litre bioreactor system, which is scheduled for the end of 2024 and is expected to mark the company’s entry into commercial production capacity. Last week, the Vienna Business Agency initiated the construction of the Technology Centre Seestadt, where the new demo facility will be located. The project aims to create additional production and office space for new start-ups, including Arkeon.

Günther Bochmann, technological project lead of Arkeon, said: “The successful implementation of our pilot production plant represents a solid basis and illustrates that our company has set up the technical foundation to unlock our production technology at large scale. It is an essential step on our way to scale to large commercial production outputs.”

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