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A&B Process Systems launches ReadyGo Bioreactor for cultivated meats

JBT-owned A&B Process Systems has launched a new technology for cultivated meat processors.

ReadyGo Bioreactor is said to meet global standards for bio-processing and offers customers flexibility and customisation to suit their unique processes. The solution was designed to assist industry processors in addressing issues such as “scalability, lead time and capital expense” without adding unnecessary costs to production.

According to the company, benefits from the ReadyGo Bioreactor include: “working volume ranges from 20 litres to 20,000 litres for cell-cultured materials and easy integration with JBT media preparation, harvest/hold and CIP/SIP systems, as well as protein preparation and packaging lines, allowing the quick implementation to configure the unit and minimising the time-to-market”.

Schoen Paschka, director of sales and marketing at A&B Process Systems, said: “As a vertically integrated supplier that controls its own supply chain, A&B is positioned to help the industry scale to the ever-growing demand for cell-based proteins.

“We are doing so in a way that not only integrates into the customer’s preferred component suppliers’ current system, but we are able to offer our recommendations based on tenured experience if those don’t exist. This results in quality and schedules our customers can rely on in this capital-intensive sector.”

Carlos Fernandez, JBT’s EVP of customer sustainability and market development, added: “JBT and A&B Process Systems are committed to helping our customers achieve sustainable solutions to the emerging challenges within the food supply. As a global leader in both upstream and downstream processing solutions to the protein market, we view the success of the cultivated meat markets not only as strategic to our own success but to meet protein demand for a growing global population successfully.”

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