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Winners announced: World Cell-based Innovation Awards

Winners announced: World Cell-based Innovation Awards

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We have some exciting news. FoodBev has added the first-ever ‘cell-based innovation’ category to its World Dairy Innovation Awards for 2023! The new category recognises the hard work and ingenuity of companies that are pushing the boundaries of science and technology, creating a healthier, more sustainable dairy industry.

In the coming years, cell-based technology could provide the answer to multiple growing food demands. It requires fewer resources than its conventional agricultural methods and offers a safer, purer and more consistent supply due to its being developed in a laboratory environment. Our awards now celebrate the accomplishments of both start-ups and industry titans who have embraced this technology and are working hard to make this space a commercial, scaleable reality.

Marketing manager Dan Bunt said: “Curating the category list for this year’s award has been an excellent opportunity to better understand the in-depth developments currently taking palace within the dairy industry. I look forward to hearing more about the products, businesses and innovations that enter this year.”

The new category aims to spur innovation and encourage more dairy companies to invest in cell-based technologies. As sustainability becomes a prerequisite for the dairy industry, the need for creative solutions has never been greater. The World Dairy Innovation Awards aim to bolster these efforts toward creating a greener dairy industry and a greener future.

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World Dairy Innovation Awards 2023: Open for entry

Daniel Bunt

10 February 2023

World Dairy Innovation Awards 2023: Open for entry

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