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Steakholder Foods has announced the launch of its AI-powered Nozzle Inspection System, engineered for the stringent demands of industrial print head inspection.

The new system leverages specialised industrial camera technology and AI algorithms to reshape print head monitoring. The start-up says that it takes “industrial 3D printing to unprecedented levels, offering real-time analysis and actionable insights for print head performance”.

The AI-powered nozzle inspection system is set to disrupt the industry, where precision and consistency are non-negotiable. By delivering real-time insights into print head performance, it enables proactive maintenance, minimises downtime and assures consistently high-quality prints.

Key features of the new system include:

  • Precision imaging: Utilising specialised lighting, the system captures water-based droplets as minute as 10µm, ensuring “unparalleled” clarity and detail.

  • Advanced segmentation AI: The system employs a segmentation algorithm, facilitating granular analysis by precisely identifying each individual droplet.

  • Real-time nozzle analysis: Going beyond static imaging, the AI assesses the efficacy of each nozzle in real-time, scoring performance to provide immediate feedback.

  • Comprehensive reporting: Post-analysis, the system generates an exhaustive report detailing the status of the print head nozzles. This provides an immediate assessment while also offering actionable recommendations to enhance print quality and maintain equipment longevity.

Itamar Atzmony, chief engineering officer at Steakholder Foods, said: “We believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With this new system, we’re not just elevating printing standards; we’re giving our partners and clients access to the pinnacle of technological innovation.”

Steakholder Foods perceives this new system as a strategic asset for the company’s B2B clients. By ensuring a new level of consistency and quality in 3D bioprinting, it is designed to enable producers to meet the high standards expected by consumers, regulators and investors. In practical terms, the start-up predicts this to mean fewer recalls, less waste and a faster time-to-market – essential factors for scaling up operations and meeting global demands.

Steakholder Foods’ new AI-powered nozzle inspection system redefines 3D printing

Phoebe Fraser

19 September 2023

Steakholder Foods’ new AI-powered nozzle inspection system redefines 3D printing

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