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ProVeg launches programme for nonprofits, initiatives and start-ups transforming the food system

ProVeg launches programme for nonprofits, initiatives and start-ups transforming the food system

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ProVeg is inviting founders to apply to its start-up incubator programme, designed to accelerate innovative alt-protein products to the market.

ProVeg International said: “Widespread concern over plans to open the world’s first commercial octopus farm this summer could be allayed if cultivated octopus was’s what the world needs now.”

The report is referencing an announcement made in March this year, as reported by FoodBev, that Spanish multinational Nueva Pescanova had requested planning permission to build the world’s first octopus farm. The report was met with horror around the world, as once fully operational, the proposed farm would produce around 3,000 tonnes of octopus annually.

an octopus

Albrecht Wolfmeyer, director at the ProVeg Incubator, said: “The news that the first commercial octopus farm would be opening is disconcerting. Many of the challenges we see in our food systems can be overcome by food innovation, and we would therefore like to invite anyone considering developing cultivated octopus to come forward and apply to join our next cohort. It may sound like a moon shot - which is what the world now needs more than ever as conventional farming is pushing the boundaries further."

He continued: “We’ve worked with start-ups developing some truly groundbreaking solutions across cultivated meat, dairy, seafood, and fats, and we would love to work with more entrepreneurs tackling urgent issues like octopus farming”.

ProVeg’s incubator – which runs twice yearly – provides successful applicants with support including investment, mentorship and a 12-week accelerator programme. Previous successful alumni start-ups of the programme include companies developing cell-based meat and fat products, processes, platforms and ingredients.

The ProVeg Incubator has worked with more than 90 start-ups since it started in 2018. Alumni companies operating in the cellular agriculture space include Formo, Remilk, Culminate, Cellular Agriculture, Sticta, and Clear Meat.

The Incubator is accepting applications up until 28 July for its 11th cohort, which will begin late September.

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ProVeg incubator encourages cell-based octopus

Phoebe Fraser

19 July 2023

ProVeg incubator encourages cell-based octopus

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