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Israeli life science research company ProFuse has launched ProFuse-S1, a media supplement engineered to accelerate and enhance skeletal muscle research across various sectors including cell-based meat.

ProFuse-S1 boasts five features that revolutionise skeletal muscle research. Firstly, it boosts cell differentiation and maturation. The supplement is shown to significantly accelerate muscle cell differentiation, fusion and maturation, enabling researchers to achieve desired results in a fraction of the usual time, streamlining project timelines and fast-tracking research milestones.

ProFuse-S1 optimises cell-based meat production as it enables the efficient production of cultivated meat with substantial biomass and protein yields, accelerating the development of sustainable and scalable alternatives to traditional meat production.

The supplement also provides enhanced model flexibility, it works with a wide range of cell species, types, and media combinations, allowing researchers to develop sophisticated and precise muscle models tailored to their specific needs. It also boasts improved tissue mimicry, promoting the development of muscle tissue models that closely resemble natural tissues, both in structure and function, enhancing the fidelity and translational potential of research findings.

Finally, the supplement also supports the engineering of muscle tissue constructs with authentic protein profiles and functionality, paving the way for transformative advancements in regenerative medicine.

Tamar Eigler-Hirsh, co-Founder and CTO at ProFuse Technology, said: "Skeletal muscle research holds immense potential in fields like regenerative medicine, drug discovery and cultivated meat production. However, limitations in current methodologies often hinder research progress. ProFuse-S1 tackles these challenges head-on, empowering researchers to unlock new possibilities and achieve breakthroughs faster than ever before."

ProFuse-S1 plays a key role in advancing the production of tasty and sustainable cell-based meat, revolutionising modern food science and addressing global food security challenges. Furthermore, ProFuse says that researchers who use the supplement are able to conduct more experiments in less time while maintaining the high standards of reliability and accuracy necessary for scientific progress.

According to Hadar Sarig, ProFuse's VP of business development, life sciences, the supplement marks a new era in skeletal muscle research, by unlocking new horizons of possibility across diverse fields. She said: “With its ability to accelerate research, enhance model precision, and drive clinically relevant applications, ProFuse-S1 empowers researchers to unlock the full potential of muscle biology and make a lasting impact on human health and wellbeing."

ProFuse Technology unveils new media supplement ProFuse-S1

Phoebe Fraser

18 January 2024

ProFuse Technology unveils new media supplement ProFuse-S1

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