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Mycelium specialist MycoTechnology has announced the launch of its US-based 'Fermentation as a Service' (FaaS) platform.

The initiative aims to provide start-ups and innovative enterprises with the opportunity to secure fermentation capacity during a critical industry shortage.

Through FaaS, companies can access essential fermentation tools and expertise, enabling them to scale up their fermentation operations from volumes as low as 300 litres to 90,000 litres. This aims to empower companies to overcome challenges related to product quality, yield and cost management as they approach commercial production.

MycoTechnology’s CTO, Ranjan Patnaik, said that while fermentation is a “critical process that underpins the production of a wide array of bioproducts,” scaling up can be difficult and competition for capacity is resulting in bottlenecks, delays and escalating costs.

He added: “These factors are creating major barriers to entry into the sector. But by opening up our facility to others, we aim to foster breakthroughs and accelerate the pace of innovation”.

The company’s FaaS platform accommodates a diverse range of bioproducts, including proteins, enzymes and probiotics.

It operates under “rigorous” regulatory standards, MycoTechnology affirmed, adhering to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 117 guidelines and has been GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)-certified by the BRCGS.

MycoTechnology said its FaaS initiative not only aligns with growing efforts to enhance the US bioindustrial landscape, but paves the way for other companies facing capacity constraints.

Based in Aurora, Colorado, MycoTechnology was founded in 2013 and creates products from mushroom mycelia. Its product portfolio includes ClearIQ, a line of mushroom-derived flavour modulation tools that can enhance nutrient density, and FermentIQ protein, a line of protein products produced through a proprietary fermentation process.

MycoTechnology launches 'Fermentation as a Service' platform

Melissa Bradshaw

24 October 2023

MycoTechnology launches 'Fermentation as a Service' platform

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