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Food tech innovator MeliBio is expanding its technology platform to enhance its precision fermentation capabilities, with scale-up projects commencing this month. 

MeliBio’s R&D team has successfully completed proof of concept work related to the production and use of fermentation-enabled protein targets and will begin scale-up with its partner Pow.Bio

MeliBio partnered with Pow.Bio due to its expertise in traditional fermentation and continuous fermentation technology utilising artificial intelligence. By offering AI-enhanced and traditional methods of precision fermentation, Pow.Bio is uniquely positioned to work with MeliBio to scale its bioprocesses. 

MeliBio says that the expansion of its fermentation technologies will enable it to produce high- value bee proteins and enzymes for multiple markets including global functional food ingredients.  

Aaron Schaller, chief technology officer and co-founder of MeliBio, said: “Our ability to produce target bee proteins and enzymes through our experimental methods has yielded promising results, and we’re ready to take our technology to the next stage. This initiative will help us elevate the functionality of our products to come and provide more of the benefits of bee-derived honey to current products, while also matching authenticity beyond taste and texture.” 

MeliBio’s CEO and co-founder Darko Mandich, added: “We’ve enjoyed a fantastic market response to our plant-based honey products and will continue to serve that demand. Beyond that, accessing levels of product performance and authenticity not possible through plant science alone, through our enhanced technology platform, opens up a variety of significant commercial opportunities.”  

Along with its precision-fermented honey, the company produces sustainable alternatives to traditional bee-derived honey products, sold under the Mellody brand in the US, as JustVeg! Vegan Hanny in the EU and Better Foodie Vegan H*ney in the UK. 

The company unveiled its Mellody Spicy Habanero vegan honey product last month, developed using advanced culinary techniques and proprietary plant science. 

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MeliBio partners with Pow.Bio to advance precision-fermented honey capabilities

Phoebe Fraser

3 April 2024

MeliBio partners with Pow.Bio to advance precision-fermented honey capabilities

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