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Swedish food chain ICA and Re:meat have partnered to explore the market potential for cell-based meat in Sweden.

Together, the companies will initiate a pilot project study cell-based meat in an experimental environment, pending its EU approval as a safe-to-consumer food product. “Consumers’ receptivity will be decisive, and we look forward to exploring this further with Re:meat,” said Maria Gustavsson, interim head of innovation and concept development at ICA Sweden.

Initially, the collaboration will explore consumer's attitudes to cell-based meat. Together, ICA and Re:meat will work to define the necessary conditions to create demand from a sustainability perspective.

In a statement, ICA said: “It is already clear that the taste, price and nutritional value of the meat will be critical factors, but there are more perspectives, for example how the consumer views cell-based meat”.

Jacob Peterson, Re:meat’s CEO, commented: “Our vision is that all people should be able to enjoy good, nutritious and sustainable meat. For Re:meat, collaboration across the value chain is important to succeed in changing both the industry and what the consumer chooses to cook and put on their plate.”

He continued: “ICA is an innovative player with deep market insights in food and trade and an invaluable partner for Re:meat – they want to support development and be at the forefront of consumer trends to create the food of the future.”

ICA and Re:meat explore cell-based meat’s potential in Sweden

Phoebe Fraser

15 November 2023

ICA and Re:meat explore cell-based meat’s potential in Sweden

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