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Early-stage innovators from around the world are in the spotlight across the summit. See them in action during live cook-offs and topical panel discussions on the main stage, with pitches and booths in the Start-Up Arena, unlocking more innovator action than ever before.

A whole floor dedicated to the hottest innovations, the Start-Up Arena is back for 2024 – and this time, it’s bigger than ever. Complete with its own stage and a packed two-day programme, stop by for themed pitching sessions, innovator cohorts, panels on everything from building strategic partnerships to IPO guidelines, and to meet the brains behind the operations at their booths. Here’s who you will meet:


  • Algama Foods creates plant-based food products made from microalgae.

  • Fermbox Bio is a synthetic biology research and manufacturing company developing and delivering sustainable Synbio products with improved scalability and speed.

  • Fermelanta makes beneficial plant-based chemicals through microbial fermentation by synthetic biology.

  • H2Ok Innovations is an AI IoT platform pioneering precision automation, optimising industrial fluid and liquid systems, including water, for sustainable and efficient operations in manufacturing and supply chains.

  • is building a next-generation biomanufacturing platform – unlocking price parity for the $500 billion biomanufacturing market.


  • Alora’s solution is ocean agriculture, growing rice in oceans.

  • Astreas creates next-generation, performance-enhancing products with great taste and nutrition.

  • Cano-ela produces innovative clean-label ingredients from canola seeds, 0 waste, with a great nutritional profile.

  • Circe is building a manufacturing platform that makes tailored ingredients from carbon dioxide, water and electricity.

  • Cryptobiotix provides fast-track gut health product development with clinically validated, high-throughput preclinical technology and clear data translation for faster decision-making.

  • Digestiva’stechnology platform, powered by AI, delivers acid-activated enzymes that amplify the power of protein for better nutrition, wellness and the planet.

  • Eatch has developed an automated kitchen that cooks in the same way as you do at home, providing fresh meals and technology to food service and food retail channels.

  • Econutri recycles CO2 for sustainable protein production.

  • EQUII uses proprietary fermentation technology to enhance the nutritional content of everyday foods with high-quality protein.

  • Ergo Bioscience is a biotech-based start-up focused on the production of complex animal proteins by plant cell precision fermentation.

  • EV Biotech designs and optimises precision fermentation strains and processes, tailored for your success.

  • Filtricine is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops food to treat cancer and metabolic diseases.

  • Ingrediome creates seafood and meat made from nature-identical animal proteins using photosynthetic precision fermentation.

  • Koralo harnesses co-fermentation of microalgae and mycelium to create New F!sh for thriving people & oceans.

  • Meatologic is a next-generation, scalable, cell-agriculture production platform.

  • Morus creates sustainable, nutritious and tasty (almost like Matcha!) silkworm-based food options.

  • Numi recreates the magic of mammary glands in vitro, offering parents a natural choice when breastfeeding isn’t an option.

  • Oceanium uses sustainably farmed seaweed to produce innovative and functional ingredients for food, wellness, cosmetics and materials.

  • Perfat Technologies combines state-of-the-art material physics and food science to make healthy, plant-based fats for the food industry.

  • ProFillet creates delicious, nutritious and scalable plant-based seafood.

  • Reel Foods creates delicious, flaky, cultivated fish fillets.

  • Sallea’s platform technology enables the manufacturing of edible scaffolds, providing the basis for cultivation of whole cuts and other highly structured types of meat and fish.

  • Terra Bioindustries decarbonises supply chains with upcycled sugar and protein ingredients, enabling companies to use carbon-preventing inputs at competitive prices.

  • Wonder Veggies is developing a platform technology and family of formulations for naturally growing vegetables enriched with healthy probiotics.

  • Yali Bio creates climate-friendly fats that perform like animal fats but without the downsides.

  • Inulox is pioneering a science-based ingredient to reduce sugar in foods without compromising on taste or texture.

Innovator cohorts

Meet leading accelerators and incubators from around the world on booths in the Start-Up Arena, as they introduce their start-up cohorts with fresh solutions and case studies:

Eatable Adventures’ mission is building tomorrow’s food system by partnering with start-ups, corporations, governments and Investors. Meet its cohort in San Francisco:

  • Cocuus develops industrial solutions for the production of mimetic food analogues (mimetic food) of plant or cell-based animal protein using 2D/3D laser printing, bioprinting and robotics.

  • Maolac uses advanced AI and protein intelligence to introduce indication-specific functional proteins with a perfect fit for humans.

  • Mmmico creates natural ingredients using microorganisms as small biofactories, combined with directed evolution and its natural intelligence tool: Biometheus.

Fresh Start, a food-tech incubator investing in early-stage Israeli food-tech companies, introduces its cohort to San Francisco:

  • Bountica develops food-safe and nature-based proteins that prevent the decay and spoilage of perishable foods and beverages, reducing food loss by extending their storage and shelf life.

  • Eggmented Reality uses its bioinformatics and precision-fermentation technology platform to identify and produce improved protein functionality over industry alternatives.

  • Medium Well’smedium recycling and optimisation system is set to transform cultivated meat production.

  • Pigmentum has developed a molecular technology platform that enables external gene activation in plants that could be induced at a specific chosen timing in response to an external signal.

  • Sea2Cell is developing ground-breaking GF technology and proprietary cell lines for the commercial-scale manufacturing of its cultivated fish products.

Future Food Aotearoa is a founders movement, formed to accelerate the growth and impact of future food and climate technologies from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Meet its cohort:

  • AndFoods’ solution is a novel fermentation process using a pulse crop new to dairy alternatives.

  • Arepa has developed a range of 100% natural, clinically proven products that benefit the brain both in the short and the long term.

  • Daisy Lab is a precision fermentation company rethinking dairy production by using microbes to produce dairy-identical proteins.

  • Miruku is applying its molecular farming process to programme climate-resilient crops to be mini-factories for producing proteins and other molecules traditionally made by animals.

  • NewFish is a pioneering New Zealand-USA natural nutrition from water technology company.

  • Opo Bio partners with the cultivated meat industry, providing cells that enable large-scale cell culture.

Mista is a global innovation platform and ecosystem designed to accelerate the transformation of the global food system. Joining Mista at the summit are:

  • Circe is building a manufacturing platform that makes tailored ingredients from carbon dioxide, water and electricity.

  • Checkerspot is a biotechnology company designing materials and ingredients at a molecular level to enable more sustainable and high-performing products.

  • ImpacFat develops omega-3 rich cell-based fish fat as a novel ingredient to supplement plant-based products and improve the taste, texture, aroma and nutrition.

  • Perfat Technologies combines state-of-the-art material physics and food science to make healthy, plant-based fats for the food industry.

Natural Products Canada helps Canadian early-stage companies and researchers bring their sustainable solutions to life. Accompanying NPC to the summit are:

  • Crush Dynamics is focused on the transformation of grape derivatives and other agricultural side streams using patent-pending targeted fermentation into high-performance food ingredients.

  • Enhanced Medical Nutrition develops medical food products to help patients prepare better and recover faster.

  • Grazy transforms oats into plant-based frozen desserts.

  • Infusd Nutrition’s proprietary technology allows fat-soluble micronutrients like omega-3 and vitamin D to become valuable water-soluble ingredients with many applications.

  • Knead Technologies’ platform works to reduce food waste and increase food redirection.

  • New School Foods creates whole-cut seafood, made from plants.

  • Nulife GreenTech solves the issue of high moisture, industrial waste disposal, while reducing the carbon footprint of food processors and creating renewable bio-oil for carbon removal.

  • Renaissance BioScience evokes the full power of biology to design and build biofactories that produce the things we need in cleaner, smarter and more sustainable ways.

  • Seawise Packaging helps you meet your environmental objectives, product freshness requirements, and profitability targets.

Plug and Play connects entrepreneurs, corporations and investors worldwide on its global innovation platform. Meet the following start-ups from its cohort:

  • Basetwo AI provides AI-generated recommendations on the next best action for your critical equipment and processes.

  • Compound Foods creates coffee without coffee beans, using fermentation.

  • Simple Planet utilises cellular agriculture technology to produce cell-based food.

Get ready to meet 59 trailblazing food-tech innovators in San Francisco at Future Food-Tech

Partner content

29 February 2024

Get ready to meet 59 trailblazing food-tech innovators in San Francisco at Future Food-Tech

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