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Cell-based agriculture company, Aleph Farms, has submitted a dossier to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for approval of its cultivated beef steaks in the UK.

It follows Israel’s Aleph Farms recent application to Swiss regulators to sell cultivated beef – the first application of its kind in Europe.

In a LinkedIn post, Aleph Farms said: “Approval of our submission will allow us to launch Aleph Cuts, the world’s first cultivated beef steaks, in the UK. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the regulatory authority to ensure full compliance with safety requirements. Together, we will build trust with our UK diners and provide them with delicious and new culinary experiences.”

The UK is currently reviewing its authorisation process for novel foods after leaving the European Union. Before a cell-based meat product can be sold in the UK, it must be approved by the FSA, which includes an evidence-based assessment of its safety and nutritional value. This process is estimated to take around two years to conduct.

Seth Roberts, policy manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, said: “It’s great news that the UK has received its first application to sell cultivated meat. Once approved by regulators, British consumers will be able to enjoy their favourite beef dishes, made in a way that could slash climate emissions and create space for more sustainable farming. Cultivated meat represents a huge opportunity for the UK to enhance its food security and create future-proof green jobs."

He added that it is crucial that the UK stays on track with its planned reforms to the novel foods regulatory framework.

"Several British cultivated meat companies are making great progress, but are considering launching their products overseas. The Food Standards Authority should accelerate constructive conversations with industry, scientific experts and consumer groups to inform a trusted, innovative framework for sustainable proteins that enables them to deliver on their climate benefits.”

Aleph Farms applies for cell-based beef approval in UK

Gwen Jones

4 August 2023

Aleph Farms applies for cell-based beef approval in UK

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